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Tulip Season Extended at Holland Ridge Farms in Cream Ridge, NJ

Jun 11, 2023

Great news. Holland Ridge Farms announced today (Tuesday, April 25th) that they're now EXTENDING their tulip season instead of cutting it short like originally planned.

I can hear the cheers for miles. Haha. The farm will now be open for U-Pick tulips until Sunday, April 30th. The decision was made after re-evaluating the fields and finding that many of the tulips are still looking good.

The social media post read, "Our U-Pick Tulip season has been extended. Good news for tulip lovers. After evaluating the flower fields we've decided to extend our tulip season until Sunday, April 30th)."

Originally, they had said tomorrow (Wednesday, April 26th) would be their last day, but they changed their minds.

The post continued, "We have over one million tulips left in the field that are still perfect for picking. This includes all different kinds of varieties. The rest are open but still beautiful for photos. Thanks for bearing with us as we navigate the crazy April weather we've been having. Mother Nature is certainly beautiful but unpredictable."

Phew. If you haven't been yet, you haven't missed a thing. Get your tickets now before they sell out. They're still going to have all of their usual weekend fun...30 food trucks, pony rides, feeding zoo, horse and carriage rides and more.

Remember, you can only buy tickets online. They will NOT be available at the farm.

Click here to buy tickets and for all the information you'll need before you visit.