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Whatever Happened To Haven Door Lock After Shark Tank Season 10?

Jul 21, 2023

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Typical deadbolts are enough to provide a feeling of security in most situations, but sometimes, that level of protection simply isn't enough. Breaking down a locked door certainly isn't easy, but it is possible. With a few hard kicks, the door can swing open, leaving everything and everyone inside vulnerable to the threat of an intruder. To help combat this problem, Haven founders Alex Bertelli and Clay Banks developed an alternative door-locking system that's much stronger than a typical deadbolt.

The Haven locking system is incredibly simple — it's essentially just a wedge that sits near the floor — but the creators claimed on their Season 10, Episode 18 "Shark Tank" pitch that it can make your door 10 times stronger than it already is. This product seemingly had it all: A simple design, solid customer base, and demand in the real world, but the stars of "Shark Tank" didn't want to bite. A few years later, however, the show's entrepreneurs might be regretting their decision not to invest.

While the Haven Door Lock is a solid idea and memorable product in and of itself, the creators' pitch on "Shark Tank" was something else. The pair began by showcasing the necessity of the product — discussing how frequently homes are broken into and how normal security measures sometimes just don't cut it — and then decided to physically demonstrate this. They claimed during their pitch that a door with a deadbolt can be broken down by an intruder within five kicks, but, when it came time to show the Sharks, the door with a deadbolt proved to be much stronger than expected.

After quite a bit of struggle, co-founder of Haven Alex Bertelli eventually made it through the door with a dramatic flying kick, but it appears the show wasn't enough to entice the Sharks. The pair was seeking $500,000 in exchange for 6% of the company, but none of the investors decided to take them up on the deal or suggest an alternative offer.

Despite the fact that none of the Sharks decided to invest, Alex Bertelli and Clay Banks still found success with the Haven Door Lock after their time on the show. During their demonstration, the pair showcased two variations of the same product: the Haven Mech, a simple mechanical door locking system that only requires a press of the foot to activate, and the Haven Connect, a more advanced system that comes with a key fob and remote control capabilities via Bluetooth. The company still sells these products, but after appearing on "Shark Tank," it expanded its selection to include more options.

Now, there's a third iteration of the Haven lock called the Haven Connect Z-Wave+ that can work with smart home devices like Ring or Alexa. The company also sells a wide range of accessories and ways to power your chosen Haven lock, from a typical charger to a solar panel setup to help lower energy costs.

Haven Door Lock is still in business and appears to still be growing as it receives more positive feedback from customers. In 2023, Techie + Gamers said Haven Lock is worth $8 million as a company and claimed their viral "Shark Tank" moment likely helped them reach more potential customers. The Haven door-locking system is currently available for sale on the brand's website, but company has also expanded to other retail locations like Lowe's, Home Depot, and Amazon.

Additionally, Alex Bertelli and Clay Banks have expanded and divided the business into two primary segments: residential and commercial. The residential segment includes the Haven locks that the pair demonstrated during their pitch on "Shark Tank," while the commercial side of the company sells a different product — the Haven Lockdown. This product was developed based on a similar idea, but it's smaller, attaches to the top of the door, and includes more options for control systems.

Haven Door Lock hasn't publicly announced that it's developing any new endeavors, but it's likely that the company is continuously developing and updating its products so they remain compatible with existing smart home devices, like Amazon Alexa and Ring products. It's also possible that their team is primarily focused on keeping the app up-to-date and ensuring that customers are safe and satisfied with their purchases.

On the commercial side, Haven is also putting in the work to ensure they get their products into areas that need them, like schools and places of worship. The company started the Guardian Angel Program as a way to get their locks to locations that might not be able to afford them outright. The company donates up to three lockdown units to eligible daycares, schools, and places of worship. The company also provides guides on how to secure federal funding for these locks — especially for schools — to ensure students across the country are staying safe.