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The Car Organizer That Took My Trunk From Cluttered Chaos to Systematic Symphony

Aug 21, 2023

Published August 18, 2023

Elissa Sanci

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As a self-identified slob, I had always struggled to keep my car neat and tidy. But then I invested in a garbage bin made specifically for cars, and now the mere presence of the “carbage” can is all the motivation I need to keep the interior of my Subaru Crosstrek spotless.

My trunk, already an unorganized jumble of emergency supplies, didn’t fare as well. It gradually became a new dumping ground for the random collection of stuff that would have otherwise accumulated inside my car, all of it loose and banging around noisily every time I took a turn. It became impossible for me to find anything in the black hole that was my trunk. Even though I kept my car stocked with a first-aid kit, a headlamp, snow chains, sunscreen, bug spray, and plenty of cold-weather gear (I live in Colorado), I’d have been hard-pressed to find any of it in an actual emergency.

This two-compartment organizer contains clutter and frees up much-needed trunk space. It can be configured to best fit your needs, and it comes in an array of designs, including a cheeky cow print and blue camo. But the collapsible walls aren’t rigid enough to hold their shape if the bins are overstuffed.

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The state of my trunk had undermined all of my planning and foresight. But it wasn’t until I subjected myself to dozens of bug bites—after failing to find my can of insect repellent before a hike—that I finally admitted defeat. I knew it was time to figure out a way to keep my trunk organized and functional. And after hours of scouring the internet, reading reviews, and swiping through social media for recommendations, I finally found what I needed in the Femuar Trunk Organizer. This accordion-style, structured storage bin has multiple compartments, tons of pockets, and plenty of space for everything already in my trunk—and then some.

The worst part of installing the Femuar Trunk Organizer was cleaning out my trunk beforehand and coming face-to-face with my own messiness. But actually setting up the collapsible, handled organizer was quick and painless: Simply pull the organizer open, and then push down the rigid plastic pieces that help the bins hold their structure.

Fully extended, this two-compartment organizer is 22½ inches long, with a capacity of 72 liters. (If you’re working with a smaller space, or you don’t have much to store, one compartment of the organizer can be folded in and secured in place with toggle buttons.)

I was surprised by how much I was able to fit into these compartments. On one side, I placed a folded blanket, my REI Co-op 650 Down Jacket 2.0, two sweaters, a raincoat, a few hats, and a pair of gloves. In the other bin, I fit all of my automotive emergency gear, which included windshield-wiper fluid, engine oil, funnels, snow chains, and an air compressor, along with a first-aid kit, a headlamp, shower wipes, and snacks.

This organizer also comes with a detachable divider that you can use to split one bin into two. The length of the bin is lined with Velcro strips, so the divider can be adjusted to accommodate your needs. I used my divider to separate car-related essentials from first-aid supplies.

Thanks to the plethora of pockets lining the perimeter of the organizer, I was able to neatly sort even more (!) essentials. The Femuar has eight mesh pockets, which can stretch to secure any number of things that would otherwise slip to the bottom of the bin, such as tire-pressure gauges and tubes of sunscreen, as well as larger items like umbrellas and reusable water bottles. The organizer’s sides have three sturdier, more-rugged pockets (I used one to hold a few pairs of spiky ice cleats that would have otherwise ripped through the mesh).

Even though this organizer is on the larger side, when it was installed it somehow freed up space in my trunk and cut down on the chaotic visual clutter. I can still fit grocery bags, large packages, and even a full-size suitcase right beside it. And on the few occasions when I need more space, the two reinforced handles make the organizer easy to move. Anti-slip Velcro strips on the bottom of the container keep it from slipping around your trunk as you drive.

With the easy-to-grip handles and such ample capacity, this organizer can be used to haul your groceries inside—especially after a Costco run—and it’ll stop groceries from rolling around as you drive home. And if you’d like to save space between supermarket visits, you can fold the entire thing into a slim square.

Made from heavy-duty waterproof material, this organizer feels sturdier than you’d expect for something so inexpensive. But the collapsible walls aren’t rigid enough to hold their shape well. They will bulge if the bin is overstuffed and crease if heavy items are placed in the mesh pockets—and once the walls are bent out of shape, the bin won’t regain its original structure. This might bother some people, but I don’t mind that the walls morph a little if it means I’m able to neatly fit even more stuff into the organizer. In fact, since I’m a chronic overpacker, nothing makes me happier.

This article was edited by Alex Aciman and Annemarie Conte.

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