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How to beat the Trials of the Mist in Sea of Stars

Sep 14, 2023

Sea of Stars is a surprisingly nuanced turn-based RPG that throws a lot at new players from the get-go. Before becoming a fully-fledged Solstice Warrior, you must take on the Trials of the Mist. These trials give you a taste of what’s to come, but they are also quite challenging, and there’s a demanding boss battle at the end. Let me show you how to beat the Trials of the Mist in Sea of Stars, along with combat strategies.

The Trials of the Mist are split into three chambers, followed by the most challenging battle in the game thus far. You can tackle these areas in any order, but for simplicity’s sake, let’s start with the leftmost portal and work our way across.

Head up the stairs and grab the chest to your right for a set of Basic Armor, then battle the enemies. These foes are a pain as they are resistant to regular attacks. Hit them with your normal attacks to spawn orbs, then go all out with Boosted Attacks. Garl’s ‘Nourish’ is a powerful healing ability, so I recommend saving his MP for it rather than using his ‘Hurl.’

Image by PC Invasion

After the fight, pull the lever to the south and use the platform to jump across. Up here, you’ll find a rope ladder. Interact with it to kick it off the edge and climb down. Pull the lever once more to send the platform up, then climb the ladder back up and use the platform to get across.

Finally, interact with the crystal to complete the area.

Go straight up the middle path and climb the wall. You’ll find a sparkling Tablet on the side. There are 3 of these in the area, and you need to answer a question to activate each one. Every time you answer correctly, the path opens up, allowing you to continue. Here are the answers:

Activate the crystal as before and head into the final portal.

This area is straightforward. Defeat the enemies, pull the lever, and follow the newly opened path to the crystal. With all 3 Portals clear, heal up and save before taking on the Boss.

Image by PC Invasion

This guy sure is intimidating! He’s easy when you know how, and there’s a strategy you can use to make the fight much more manageable. The Elder Mist has a weapon in his hand that you can attack. If you focus on the weapon until the clouds around it stop moving, you rid the Boss of his most dangerous ability.

If you keep doing this whenever his weapon is in play, the Elder Mist is a pushover. Boosted Attacks work well in the fight, as does the Solstice Strike Combo. Like regular battles, Garl’s Nourish ability is fantastic for healing if the Boss decides to focus on just one of your team members.

Slow and steady wins the race in this battle. It’s tempting to try and knock the Elder Mist down quickly, but dealing with his weapon first is much safer. After the battle, pat yourself on the back as you’re now officially Solstice Warriors!

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