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Fallout 76: Where To Find The Lever Action Rifle Plans

Jun 04, 2023

Players of Fallout 76 who want to jumpstart their long-ranged gameplay should consider grabbing a Lever Action Rifle Plan to create this potent weapon

The post-nuclear landscape of Fallout 76 offers the same Atompunk retro appeal of Fallout with a multiplayer twist. With players now actively competing for resources and supremacy in Fallout’s post-apocalyptic wasteland, Fallout 76 players need to rock the best arsenal or risk falling prey to their stronger counterparts.

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Survivors in Fallout 76 who want to be a step ahead of the competition should consider acquiring the Lever Action Rifle to strengthen their existing firepower. While boasting better stats than traditional Combat Rifles, various Lever Action Rifles have often eluded players with their difficulty of acquisition. However, where can players locate the base Lever Action Rifle’s somewhat elusive Plans?

Before players venture into the harsh post-apocalyptic nuclear landscape of West Virginia to find the Lever Action Rifle Plans, they might want to look into what kind of Fallout 76 gameplay the actual item offers. Its appearance is that of the classic lever-action rifle, where a cocking handle exists that has to be pivoted in order to release or insert rounds.

In that regard, the Lever Action Rifle does take a bit of time to reload, although it deals decent damage for its range. If players manage to find and upgrade the Lever Action Rifle with or without Legendary Mods, they might find its starting stats more efficient compared to the standard Combat Rifle. Here are some of the relevant stats regarding this peculiar firearm:

As with most weapons in a Fallout game, players who get a Lever Action Rifle and like its overall gameplay mechanics may try to work their way into finding its other variants. Given how only two Legendary Lever Action Rifles exist in the game so far, players may want to upgrade their rifle gameplay with these improved Lever Action Rifle variants. Here are these weapons:

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Players who want to acquire the Lever Action Rifle in their Fallout 76 experience on top of Trading may be able to craft it with the Lever Gun Plan. Before finding out where they can source this blueprint, players can gather resources in advance so they can create the weapon as soon as they get the Plan from various sources. Depending on the resources spent, players may create Level 25/35/45 variants of the Lever Action Rifle:

Despite the potentiality of acquiring the Lever Gun Plan from various drops and areas throughout a player’s Fallout 76 gameplay, they also have the opportunity to simply purchase the blueprint in exchange for Caps. There are various vendors throughout the game that may offer the Lever Gun Plan as part of their rotating inventory:

In a game like Fallout 76 where a lot of items come in the form of blueprints, players have the option of either scouring Appalachia for the items themselves or trying to grab the Plans in order to craft them. Given the rarity of the Lever Action Rifle, it may be more practical to try to locate the Lever Gun Plan instead of the actual weapon. Thankfully, there are certain locations in the overworld where there’s a chance of the Lever Gun Plan becoming a part of their regular item spawn rotation:


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As with most other game experiences, Fallout 76 playthroughs can have players acquire special items from specific Creatures in the game. In the case of the Lever Gun Plan, specific monsters in Fallout 76 may have a higher chance of having this blueprint as part of their available loot. Unfortunately, there’s no set chance percentage as to how often the Lever Gun Plan drops from these enemies, even when facing menacing Wolves. Here are the Creatures which may be able to drop the Lever Gun Plan, all of which should be preferably killed in Savage Divide:

Players also have a chance of acquiring the Lever Gun Plan as Rewards from specific situations. Although randomized and rather low in terms of drop percentages, players still have a chance of acquiring the said weapon schematic if they do these things often enough:

Fallout 76 was released in 2018 for the PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Xbox Cloud Gaming.

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