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Everything in COD Mobile Season 8 update: New map, lever

Jun 12, 2023

COD Mobile Season 8 delivers a wide range of fresh content, including a new map, a new shotgun, grenade, and more.

In July, a leak revealed that Warzone Mobile and Modern Warfare 3 will launch on November 10, 2023. MW3’s release date was correct, but we haven’t heard any news about Warzone Mobile since. COD Mobile fans will most likely not complain, as they initially feared that the upcoming battle royale title would phase out their favorite game.

However, Activision reassured community members by committing to the game’s future in March. The COD Mobile devs stuck true to their word so far and have delivered multiple seasons of content since that announcement.

From the release date to what’s included, here is everything you need to know about CODM Season 8: Error 404.

CoD Mobile Season 8: Error 404 is all set to go live on September 6 at 5 PM PT.

This lines up seamlessly with the end of the current Season 7 Battle Pass, meaning new content will roll over right away as players install the new update.

Kurohana Metropolis is a sci-fi-themed multiplayer map with a downtown area filled with close-range combat spaces. The new map joins COD Mobile at the start of Season 8. Previously, Headquarters was only available in private matches, but it becomes a featured game mode in the upcoming season.

Headquarters is an iconic Call of Duty game mode that first appeared in the original COD. Also known as King of The Hill, the game mode has gone on to appear in most games and always attracts attention. Teams capture and hold the Headquarters location and win by reaching a score limit or by having the most points by the end of a round.

Super Slide is a new playlist that allows operators to slide longer across multiple game modes. The seasonal update also adds a lever action shotgun and cluster grenades.

A new operator and season pass round out the Season 8 content list. We will provide an update when the full patch notes go live.

That’s everything we know about the new season so far. For more, make sure to check out the rest of our COD Mobile coverage.

COD Mobile Season 8 delivers a wide range of fresh content, including a new map, a new shotgun, grenade, and more. September 6 at 5 PM PT