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Doors And Locks Product Focus

Aug 13, 2023

This assortment of doors and locks will help keep your facility safe and secure for occupants and visitors.

Consider this assortment of doors and locks to help keep your facility safe and secure for occupants and visitors.

INOX’s first smart lock, the ISM7000 Series Smart Mortise Entry Set, is a customizable smart lock for commercial use. Available in any finish, trim, or lever set available from INOX, the Series Smart Entry provides a hardware solution for owners of mixed-use properties to customize lock settings at multiple locations.

The ISM7000 Series Smart Entry Mortise Set features a three-hour fire-rated mortise lock that supports locking and unlocking remotely via low energy BLE/WIFI gateway. The smart lock has an entry function complete with programmable passage, privacy modes, and optional mechanical key override. The lock’s passage mode can be activated with an interior function. The lock also provides premium performance with ANSI Grade 1 commercial mortise construction.

The INOX smart lock hardware can be controlled with the accompanying smartphone application, as well as a back end access control system. Users can also grant additional access with secure RFID e-keys.

Dawson Metal Company’s Transcend Series of thermally broken entrances includes doors that feature a reinforced polyamide strip fixed between the inside and outside aluminum profiles, creating an insulated barrier within the frame that reduces heat conduction through the door’s metal framing.

The Transcend Series features thermally broken technology that prevents deterioration caused by condensation and has a low U-Value for energy loss. The series also offers a fully-glazed door and frame using 1” low-E insulated glass. Its overall NFRC U-value greatly surpasses the current energy requirement of .77, and its higher condensation resistance factor reduces interior frost build-up.

Transcend Series thermally broken entrances meet or exceed all American Society for Testing and Materials standards while remaining customizable. Transcend Doors also come with a manufacturer’s warranty, with swing doors offering a five-year warranty and balanced doors offering a 10-year warranty.

Hope’s Windows, Inc.’s Jamestown175TM Series hurricane pivot doors passed stringent wind tests and are certified for use within hurricane and impact zones. The doors adhere to Miami-Dade County, Florida Building Code (FBC) and High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) standards.

The Jamestown175TM Series includes: massive 6’ wide by 11’ tall single panel doors; solid, hot-rolled steel; ultra-thin sightlines; and Hope’s exclusive Power of 5 Finishing System. The doors are tested for TAS-201 (large missile impact), TAS-202 (structural), TAS-203 (cyclic load), air infiltration, water, and design pressure of +/- 60.0 PSF. The hurricane door also exceeds forced entry test criteria in accordance with ASTM F588.

All doors receive continuous triple weatherstripping that is applied to the integral weatherstrip grooves in the interior and exterior contact surfaces of the head and jambs of the frame and door profiles.

Horton UltraClean Atmospheric Series 2021 Sliding Door System is ideal for effective contamination control in medical, pharmaceutical, and electronics manufacturing cleanroom environments. The Atmospheric Series 2021 complies with ISO 3 and ISO 5, the most rigorous standards for airborne particulates.

These reliable, heavy-duty automatic sliding doors have been tested to 1,000,000 cycles and are backed by a two-year warranty. Specifiable to meet ISO 14644-1 Class 3 through 9 cleanroom applications, the doors can be specified as an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) ECO compliant system, exceeding mandated requirements for condensation, infiltration, and U-value.

The sliding doors can be surface applied, or perimeter mounted for a seamless appearance. They are available as a single or biparting slide, and in partial or full breakout. They are available with custom paint, anodized aluminum, or stainless-steel clad finishes. These doors offer heights up to 7’ and multiple activation and lock options.

Wayne Dalton introduced three new Sectional Steel CX-Series models that offer a highly efficient design for strength and longevity in demanding commercial settings. The new Sectional Steel Models CX-20, CX-24 and CX-2400 are replacing C-Series Models C-20, C-24, and C-2400 for non-wind load applications. The new CX-Series remains compatible with the C-Series, allowing for section replacements as needed.

The three models in the Sectional Steel CX-Series offer customers a more efficient pan door design. The series’ attributes include an enhanced low-maintenance design, steel and polylaminate backer options that allow for a wider variety of commercial and industrial applications for warehouses, industrial manufacturing facilities, storage buildings, and distribution centers, among others.

All models still include many of the proven features like quick installation and Wayne Dalton’s one-year limited warranty. At its core, the Sectional Steel CX-Series incorporates tongue-and-groove construction with self-forming rivets clinched to face, and rails for superior stability throughout the door.