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Best Tire Pressure Gauges for 2023

Sep 01, 2023

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Don't let a flat tire catch you out when you least expect it. Check out our roundup of top-rated tire pressure gauges.

Your tires are, quite literally, the only thing keeping your vehicle connected to the ground. They play a huge role in just about every aspect of your vehicle's performance. Despite the importance of tires, they often go neglected, and it's a shame, because proper tire maintenance is typically easy and not very time-consuming. Aside from regular rotations, checking and maintaining your tire pressure is the easiest way to keep your tires in top shape.

Keeping the right amount of air in your tires can save you from legal trouble and save you money, your life, and the planet, so the Gear Team experts have compiled a list of our favorite tire pressure gauges out there.

Every driver should have at least one tire pressure gauge; one for the garage and one for the glovebox is best. A few reasons to stay on top of your tire pressure include:

The right tire pressure guarantees the best possible handling, braking, and traction, all of which are essential for safe driving. Particularly in bad weather, underinflated (and overinflated) tires can reduce vehicle control, lengthen stopping distances, and increase the risk of accidents.

The right tire pressure should always be maintained to maximize fuel economy. Rolling resistance is increased by underinflated tires, which makes the engine work harder. You can lower your carbon impact and save money on gas by maintaining properly inflated tires.

Underinflated tires wear more quickly and unevenly, necessitating early tire replacement. Properly inflated tires wear more uniformly, which increases their lifespan and ultimately saves you money.

Correct tire pressure ensures that your vehicle performs optimally. Overinflated tires may lead to a harsher ride, reduced handling, and increased susceptibility to damage from road hazards. On the other hand, underinflated tires can make your vehicle feel sluggish and less responsive.

Checking the tire pressure regularly allows you to identify slow leaks or punctures promptly. Catching and fixing these issues early can prevent more significant problems down the road (literally and figuratively).

Properly inflated tires provide a smoother and more comfortable ride for you and your passengers. This is especially important during long drives or road trips.

In some regions, driving with significantly underinflated tires can be considered negligent and illegal and may result in fines or other penalties. Ensuring your tires are properly inflated helps you comply with road safety regulations.

The JACO ElitePro Digital Tire Pressure Gauge offers professional-level performance and is designed for speed and accuracy. With an error margin of 0.5 percent, its advanced pressure sensor technology helps to ensure accurate results. The 360 degree swivel chuck makes it simple to access tight valve positions. Additionally, the ElitePro boasts a rugged construction for enhanced durability.

Similar to its digital cousin, the analog Jaco EltitePro pressure gauge boasts a rugged durable construction with a solid brass case and shock-resistant protective guard. It's also ANSI-certified, which means it's been shown in testing to be reliably accurate. Unlike its digital cousin, it achieves high levels of accuracy without the use of batteries.

ARB is a well-known manufacturer of high-quality 4x4 accessories, off-road equipment, and camping gear. We chose this gauge for its sturdy bronze bourdon tube gauge design which helps give accurate readings regardless of temperature, humidity, or altitude. This isn't just a gauge, though; the kit includes everything adventurers need to drop tire pressure quickly when going off-road.

ARB's digital offering is as rugged as its analog gauge while adding the functionality of an inflator connection for air compressors. It does the job well, with an accuracy of +/- 1 psi between 25 and 75 psi. It features a backlit digital display and up to 200 hours of use from one set of batteries.

The perfect glovebox accessory, the S-925 from Milton is made from good-looking, durable plated brass and has a single-head chuck and a built-in deflator valve. You do give up a bit of accuracy, but you get convenience, plus a psi range of up to 120 pounds. You'll also look like you know what you're talking about when you walk around with it in your shirt pocket.

This one is a personal favorite of the Gear Team's own Katherine Keeler, thanks primarily to its super compact size. Katherine keeps one of these handy when testing and says, "They're great because you can read them as easily as you can lose them." Like a pencil-style gauge, it's small enough to fit in your pocket while still featuring a durable steel alloy construction. It has a large, easy-to-read, backlit LCD display and a pressure range of 5–150 psi.

One of Amazon's best sellers. We've generally gotten mixed results from handheld digital tire gauges, but some folks find the convenience and ease of use undeniable. AstroAI is one of the more popular auto accessory manufacturers on Amazon, though, so this would be a solid, affordable, easy-to-use choice.

There are a number of factors that make for a good tire pressure gauge—and a few things to consider before you go out and buy any old gauge:

Accuracy: The most critical aspect of a tire pressure gauge is its accuracy. Look for gauges that provide precise readings to avoid overinflating or underinflating your tires.

Durability: A reliable gauge should be built to last and capable of withstanding the rigors of frequent use, various weather conditions, and the occasional drop.

Ease of Use: Choose a gauge that is easy to handle and read, allowing for quick and hassle-free pressure checks. Some have lighted tips for nighttime readings.

Digital or Analog: Tire pressure gauges come in digital and analog variants. Both have pros and cons, so consider which type aligns better with your preferences.

Pressure Range: Check if the gauge covers the required pressure range for your vehicle's tires, especially if you own different types of vehicles.

Regularly check your tire pressure at least once a month and before long trips. Changes in temperature can affect tire pressure, so it's wise to stay vigilant.

Both types can be accurate, but digital gauges usually offer more precise readings and are easier to read. Analog gauges, however, do not require batteries.

Some tire pressure gauges can be used for other inflatables like bicycles and sports balls. Check the product specifications to ensure compatibility.

The recommended tire pressure can be found in your vehicle's owner's manual or on a sticker placed on the driver's side door jamb. Avoid using the pressure indicated on the tire sidewall.

Proper tire pressure ensures even tire wear, improved fuel efficiency, better handling, and reduces the risk of accidents caused by blowouts or loss of control.

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